Are you living in your comfort zone?

By 15 March 2019Blog

During the winter, many of us are guilty of slowing down a little. When it’s so cold and miserable outside, it can be tempting to hunker down; staying in rather than venturing out and generally using our survival instinct to get through to the summer. Although we all love our creature comforts, this approach doesn’t do a great deal to expand our horizons!

Just as we tend to lean towards those things that comfort us in our personal lives, we can find ourselves doing the same when it comes to our businesses.

As a result, it can be all too easy to find yourself – and your business – in the comfort zone… Maintaining the status quo is often the easier route to take so why risk shaking things up, potentially causing upheaval to staff and clients, if you don’t need to?

Avoiding change isn’t always a deliberate or conscious decision – sometimes we’re just far too busy with the everyday tasks that consume our day to look into the future.

But living in the comfort zone means you’ll never be able to push the boundaries of what might be possible; potentially missing opportunities that are out there to open up new revenue streams or grow your business.

It’s unlikely that you started or joined a business to ‘tread water’. Perhaps you wanted to make a change – shake up the way things are done in your industry or else provide a better product or service than those available on the market at the time.

Yet we often get to a point where our businesses reach a plateau – and with it, our ambitions and desires that we set out with seem to do the same.

So with the spring on its way, maybe it’s time to think about breaking out of that comfort zone?!

Being bold and taking that leap of faith will set you off on a path – a path on which you will learn, grow and gain…

The Business Mastery programme by Jungle Out There can help to set you on this journey.

The key benefits of the programme include a series of strategic planning workshops that help turn business visions into a reality, all provided in conjunction with the support and guidance of proven business coaches.

Successful people plan, and use their plan to drive and motivate for success, things don’t just happen you make them happen.