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Youngs Roofing Contractors

‘Life-changing’ would be an apt way to quickly sum up how Action Coach/Jungle Out There has transformed my business. Youngs Roofing has been established since 2006, 12 years in business with relative success. However never really pushing myself to progress to the next level, but more to the point, not knowing how to progress.

Every day I was beginning to feel deflated, overworked and unhappy with the direction of the business. Having always been ambitious & seeing the potential the business had I was ready to take the next step. By a fortunate meeting of paths, I decided to take the plunge and attend one of Ian’s free seminars. Ian had been very highly recommended.

To say I was blown away would be an understatement, I left enlightened and motivated, there was now a clear path from where I was to where I wanted to be.
Over the past 8 months whilst working alongside Ian the company has gone from strength to strength, his systems and matter of fact approach suit me down to the ground and have improved the company tenfold. So much so we now have…

  • Multiple teams
  • Team Managers
  • A separate scaffold company
  • I’m off the tools full time, pushing the business in the direction it needs to be heading
  • A full workload forecast
  • 5 fleet vehicles
  • A viable, believable & achievable (with Ian’s help & hard work) vision
  • Amongst many other massive improvements

Myself and the team at Youngs Roofing & Scaffolding can now see the future we’ve always wanted laid out before us, more importantly, our potential is being realised.
I cannot recommend Ian & Steph at Action Coach: Jungle Out There highly enough, they’ve helped transform the business and vastly improved our lives. I look forward to continuing referring you in the future to business colleagues, family and friends.

Thank you very very much!!

Thomas Young, Managing Director, Youngs.

John Burton

If you want your business to be effective, sustainable and make money then Jungle Out There are the best team to guide you.  Take the leap of faith, believe in them, give them 100% trust and they will deliver genuine results with passion.

My first project with Jungle Out There was delivering enhanced process design and lean six sigma. Steph was extremely beneficial, bringing a new angle to the table, taking the time to understand the process and people, she is the first external  ‘Operational Excellence Practitioner’ that has introduced a softer side,  gaining engagement and genuine involvement from all those involved in the project.

The second project involved a resourcing strategy, technical resources and efficiency models ensuring quality and tools were in place. Steph knows her stuff inside out, she is very engaged with the people and she ensures everyone is on the journey, a very caring approach bringing great benefits.

Ian is very engaging and to the point, his knowledge and experience is vast, he has a great proven track record providing structured and very real guidance.

The strategy Jungle Out There designed is still being followed 18 months down the line of a 3 year plan. I would personally recommend Jungle Out There in Business Change – optimisation, sustainability, profitability, efficiency and effectiveness.  Ultimately if you have the efficiency and effectiveness in place then this will drive productivity and profit.

John Burton, Operations Manager.

Escape The Van

Thank you so much for the Growth Club training, you were both very welcoming and encouraged collaboration and discussion throughout the session to help us all benefit from each other’s experience.

As always, you were generous in sharing your knowledge and expertise, making excellent book recommendations and suggesting resources that we could benefit from. All of your critiques were firm but fair, and you encouraged us to step back and view the business objectively. We came away from the session with a clear list of action points that we could begin implementing immediately.

The 90-day planning journal you provided has already proven really useful, this is used throughout the day to keep on task consistently moving towards our larger business objectives.

We will recommend the Growth Club meetings to anyone that needs guidance around reaching their goals. We left the session with loads of new ideas around how to increase our conversion rates, improve our marketing strategy and grow the business over the next quarter. Thanks again.

Greg Mooney and Alice Lyons

Escape The Van

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